Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I hope everyone is as excited about this week as I am. This is a whole new week where we can progress, where we can achieve, where we can tackle our fears, where we can grow and where we can help and serve others! You up for it?

Welcome to Monday.

I want to inspire you today with a video entitled "Destiny" created by Mateusz M. If you have not yet subscribed to his channel on youtube or liked his page on facebook I would highly reccomend you do. His work is truly inspirational.

I challenge you to question: what is your destiny? What could you achieve? Today, tomorrow, in a year's time and in 10 years time. Think about it...

My two favorite quotes from the video are:

1) "Everything around you that you call life was made by people that were no smarter than you... Once you learn that, you will never be the same again"

I would challenge that quote by replacing the word "learn" by "understand". I love this quote because it is saying that everything that exists, all the buildings we step into, all the transportation systems we use, the laws we abide by, the money we decide to trade for goods.. All of this was conceived by humans. Why can't you be at the head of a new movement? Why can't you change the world with your own vision? The answer is simple: you can.. and you should ;). You just need to understand, believe and decide that you can have an impact.

2) The second quote that I loved and that is related to the first is

"history is written by people with imagination"

Have the audacity to question the status quo. Be bold and take on responsibilities. Make your own rules and break the mold. Don't shy away from opportunity. The only today you have is this one so make it count smile emoticon.

Have a great week, and enjoy life!