Off to Paris 🇫🇷

Taking my work with me.

Time to see family and friends on the French side.

Really excited to be back there.

It's good to get out of this bustling city (London) from time to time.

Feels a little like a pressure cooker at times.

I love it and it's why I decide to live here but it's also so intense 24/7. A huge urban setting with so many moving parts.

Which isn't to say that Paris isn't big and urban but it has a different feel.

The way of life is more laid back.

People know how to slow things down.

And enjoy the good things.

Wine, and croissants 🥐 among them 😁!

That being said, I still have trouble establishing france as my homeland.

I like the people and I enjoy the culture.

But I also feel alien to it on the whole.

Because I've never lived there.

And because I have a thick American accent.

And so despite my dad being French and having French family it's always been as an outsider that I enter the country.

As a tourist looking in.

As opposed to as a citizen feeling at home.

That's what it feels like at least.

Don't know if you can relate to that..

But every time I go It feels a little more like home.

Every time I go back I learn new things about the country and its people.

And that I find awesome.

Will keep you posted throughout the week.

Time to change it up.

To spend some quality family time.

To recharge.

And to come back with new ideas.

Let's go!! 🚆