I Used To Hate Mondays

I hated having to go through the grind all over again.. every single week.

This was back when I was working in my consulting job.

I desperately wanted to create a life that I was in charge of, that I loved, but ultimately it just seemed like I was coming back to the same thing every Monday.

The same routine.


Every Monday the alarm would go off and every Monday I would set out to perform a job that I was only mildly interested in and where I felt like I was wasting my time.

I remember getting to London Paddington train station and feeling uninspired.

I would grab a coffee to go from Cafe Nero.

And sipping on the coffee I would contemplate.

I would wait for the train thinking what can I get done during this commute? What would be fun? Before I have to get to work..

And it wasn't even that the work was terrible. I've always tried to make the best of an average situation.

But that's the whole point, why did it have to be average?

Why did it have to be something I wasn't motivated to do?

Couldn't there be a way to live my passion and purpose and also have a great time doing it?

And I was learning and growing but not within my field of passion.

Towards the end of my time in consulting I really started to realize that I felt unfulfilled and I lacked the drive.

I still remember living for the weekends.

Looking towards Friday night as the highlight of my week. Being free as of Friday night.

Life doesn't have to be that way though.

Life can be what you make of it.

If you're loving what you're doing then perfect. Keep at it!

But if you're not, realize that change is possible and is necessary!

That's the first step. You are never trapped, even if it feels that way.

Next realize that action is required.

Finally notice that the only way you'll really effect the change and take action is if you are compelled to do it day in, day out.

Life is a journey, a process.

So finding your why is key.

Finding those things that light you up.

Exploring the activities where time seems to drift by without you noticing.

Finding what inspires you beyond all else.

Experimenting, testing, failing, getting back up, trying something else, seeing what sticks and then succeeding.

You can have the life you want but you need to be committed to that revolution.

You need to lead the revolution... YOUR revolution.

What is it you want? What is that one thing you could do to make your life even better? Make a move! 👊

It. Is. Monday. ladies and gentlemen 😁.

Pull up your socks, put on those shoes and let's get cracking.

Have a great week! 😉💪