"I'm just not feeling it today" - A few tips to make the most of a bad day! 👊

A client reached out to me yesterday and mentioned he wasn't feeling too great.

Kind of tired.

Feeling a little stressed.

And feeling as if he was slipping.

We all go through those days.

Because we don't necessarily wake up in the same state of mind every single day.

And that is a-okay 👍.

Because what you need to realize is that everyone has days like that.

So really it's all about these next two questions:

How do you navigate those days? How do you make the most of them?

Because it does suck when you're hungry to do more and be more but you're held back by your state.

And so my client asked me to give him three tips.

Three small tools to implement to change his state.

And I thought I would share those with you here.

First one. What we tend to do on bad days is beat ourselves up. We try to fight it.. Wrong!! So actually what you want to do is surrender to those feelings. Accept that you might be feeling a little off and play with it. A good reminder is also that tomorrow is another day. So chill. Do your best. Move on. Be kind to yourself.

Second. If you feel like you're slipping... what would it look like to get your anti-slip shoes out? What would make you feel in control again? What if you felt empowered again what would that look like in this current context?

Third. Back to basics. Get more sleep. We all need it. And it helps you pretty much across the board. So make sure you're giving yourself the much-needed rest to dominate your life.

I'm a huge advocate for making the most out of every day.

That being said some days are better than others.

So it's useful to have a few tools to manage your state on those days where you are not 100%.

Keep rocking it 👊!