None Of Us Were Born With A Blueprint

None of us were born with a blueprint so it's about forging a path.. your own path. 👊

No one has all the answers that much is clear.

Last week a buddy of mine asked me during a catchup: "Hey Nick - looks like you have it all figured out?"

To which I replied "Wait what.. no freakin way bro!!?"

And it actually really caught me by surprise that he might think that.

Because yes I do love my life a hell of a lot better than I did just a few years ago.

And I like the direction it's taking.

And for sure this last year has been a pretty epic (and chaotic) journey - with both the ups and downs that come with it.

The reason I was taken aback though is that I believe that none of us know EXACTLY what we are doing.

None of us have it fully figured out.

There's no script for us to follow.

No one was provided with a blueprint to live out their life or to grow their business.

Everyone is just doing their best to make the most of this life with the tools that they have at their disposal.


And that's what matters most.

For you to do you.

No one has all the answers - not even our idols, the likes of Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Connor McGregor or Barack Obama.

Just last week I saw a video where Lady Gaga mentioned she still has massive insecurities that she has to deal with.

Despite all that fame and success... and millions of fans screaming her name...

Well if Lady Gaga has insecurities and questions that come up with regards to her worth and success.. then how are the rest of us supposed to cope right? Haha

But here's the thing.

All these confident leaders who create massive breakthrough success on the regular have a common trait.

They decide to give meaning to their lives.

Despite the questions that come up.

They have decided to take on a cause or purpose and buy into it fully.

And that last part is important.


It's also what I have noticed and seen among my highest achieving clients, friends and mentors.

They have committed to a path and have decided to fully back themselves in that journey.

And it is not to say they know if it is right or wrong.

It is that they have understood that choosing something is better than floating aimlessly.

I discussed this with another friend yesterday.

It takes courage to take the plunge into deciding to run your life on your terms.

Making decisions.

Deciding to pursue a specific mission.

Without answers.

Without knowing.

Without a known outcome.

Without the certainty.

And that's where you turn to faith.

Faith that it will work out.

Because it needs to.

And because you just trust that it will.

Because you've committed to an outcome of success.

Because you won't have it any other way.

And you'll do what's required to get the result that you desire.

To move closer to your purpose and to a life that gives you meaning.

And plain and simply moving towards a life that you love.

And that's where the freedom lies.

It's worth it.

Do you feel you are leading your journey?