8 Ways You Can Increase Discipline and Get More Results

Obsession is a powerful driver for growth and development. Sales trainer and speaker Grant Cardone says: The obsessed are those who go balls to the wall—completely all in all of the time —and are obsessed with creating a life the average deem impossible.

Achievements, on a fundamental note, are what you get for your hard work. Your obsession to get ahead and unflinching focus is what develops your discipline for success, thus making you a powerful person capable of converting your dreams into reality.

Your obsession is your gift for the success that you have always wanted and channeled the right way, there will be no looking back. It is the most basic rule when stepping up and one that you need to adopt in your entire work process. 

The following points should illustrate how to increase discipline and effectively get more results!


1. Others Don’t Decide How Far You Have Come, You Do

Advice is a free commodity that everyone seems to have, and most will tell you that you have reached your limit. Remember in these instances they don’t have that insight that you have in your efforts. Your limits are for you to set and believe in, and only for you to overcome. Gary Vee is a strong believer that you need to focus on you. 

2. Take Responsibility and Eliminate “Average” From Your Life

There is no room for average performance or moderation in the pursuit of greatness. In that sense, if you hear someone say that you should relax or not go overboard, understand that the speaker is of a very limited and constrained mentality. If you allow such “average mindsets” to invade your own principles, you will not go very far. Success is all about working harder than the next guy and disregarding all the naysayers who get in your way. 

3. Identify the Obsession That Defines You

The importance of discipline in business is best regarded by those who value money and set high economic goals, as these will serve to make you someone to take notice of. When you set the bar high, you rise above the ordinary multitude and achieve what others don’t. Surround yourself with people who are equally obsessed with results and remember that there is no place for doubt when you are on the ladder of success. While obsession is your ultimate weapon, doubt cripples your chances. Discard it immediately and be confident in your abilities. 

4. Keep Moving Forward No Matter What

Look around and you will see many who have already sacrificed their dreams to settle for a mediocre life. Do not look to them for advice and be wary that it may now be their life’s mission to make you give up on your dreams. A particularly tough situation presents itself when it is someone close who discourages you, citing apprehensions about your past failures or the hazards involved with whatever it is you are doing. Always have some go-to material to get you back into a motivated state. You have got to stay strong in these cases and make them understand through your progress and statistics, if possible, that this is the best option for you. 

5. Set Goals to Work Towards and Take Criticism in Your Stride

Goals push you towards your obsession, and considering the fact that your obsession is crucial to a result-oriented action, make it a habit to establish targets. Another factor to consider is that critics will always turn up whenever success is involved. This means that the better you get at what you do and the more discipline gets you what you want, the more critics there will be trying to pull you down. Accept this as a positive reinforcement and keep up what you are doing - continue learning every single day. 

6. Dominate Your Sector

The other aspect of discipline is to dominate yourself and your area of obsession. Whether it’s your money, your work or your area of expertise- you need to control and be on top of these factors. The point made here is that you need to be the master of how you accomplish your goals and then be able to hold on to that success. This is only possible through a complete grasp of all things concerned with that. Take a look at the areas Lewis Howes has decided to focus on to dominate his life. 

7. Develop A Hunger to Sell at Any Cost

Sales affect every part of a business, no matter what you do or your position in your workplace. It is what brings revenue, opens up new doors of opportunities and most importantly, it will give you more exposure. This is the ultimate result that you look for and for which you work hard at a disciplined business effort. Your discipline for business only extends to how much you can sell and close it convincingly!

8. Nurture A Mentality of Over-Driving Your Interests

When you make promises beyond what is normally accepted as the norm for your sector, you put yourself in an interesting position. On one hand, there is the obvious risk of doing too much, and on the other, you have the unique prospect of being different from your competitors. Naturally, this would result in more lucrative rewards once you get the job done, catapulting you to new heights. Get a smart team around you and work together towards “over-delivering”. This incentive to perform more than you were expected would also make you somewhat of a “control-freak.” Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing as we have already mentioned before, control is necessary. You need to set lofty standards for your work and team, and then act as a worthy commander to get through the challenges.

The difference between success and failure is measured by your obsession to win or achieve. You need to be able to hold on to that in spite of hurdles and seemingly impossible odds. Discipline yourself through the above ways and always hold on to a rigid and stubborn desire to win. Remember that it is not WHAT you do or think but HOW you do it that defines your character and brings home the prize! 

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