22-Year-Olds Signing $10k Business Deals

Age is just a number.

Today I met a 22-year-old entrepreneur.

We met up for coffee and he told his incredible story.


He even taught me a few lessons in leadership.

I was taking mental notes.

After graduating university he joined KPMG to work in tech consulting.

I also worked in the tech consulting industry when I graduated so it was interesting to connect on that point.

During his time in consulting, he realized there was a real opportunity to leverage his skills towards something bigger.

He knew there were talented and skilled developers and tech experts in India.

He had worked with them day in, day out, and he'd seen their skills at work.

He also knew that London is a powerhouse of the world.

So many services are offered on a daily basis.

Leaders who need tech solutions to solve their tech problems.

He also realized startups and small businesses don't always have the funds to pay a fortune for local UK tech service providers.

He connected the dots.

Left his job in January this year and signed his first contract.. a handsome £10k deal in February.

That got the business wheels turning.

He had formed the right relationships before going into business for himself.

So now he just leverages those connections to scale up his business.

He's hired a friend to work on the sales side.

And currently has 6 clients on board.

He's already started building another side venture that looks promising.

He's formed the team and is now going out to raise the investment necessary to get it off the ground.

And this guy is super humble. Down to earth.

He's set up a meritocratic structure where his "partners" (as he likes to call those that work with him) are judged on their results and their performance. He believes everyone should be able to voice their opinion.

He's respectful but also is proud of what he's accomplished so far.

It's awesome to see people that young with ideas and with the motivation and courage to execute on those ideas.

22 years of age..

Never let other's perceptions of you limit what you're capable of.

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