So I was awake at 1:30am last night because this idea struck me and there was no way I was going to fall asleep without exploring it.


I needed to write down the gist of it, get it on paper.


I realized how many awesome people are in my life and then it got me wondering: “How does it actually all come together?"


Those of you who know me well know that I love breaking things down.




I am curious by nature.


And the more I thought about it, the more I realized there is actually a simple result to it all.


All the closest people in my life (family/friends/clients) share similar values and beliefs that I do. For example:

- respect

- thinking outside the box

- integrity

- doing what is right

- enjoying fun times and laughs (life should not be taken too seriously)

- positive

- motivated

and the list goes on...


And then it got me thinking again: “How does that actually PRACTICALLY come to be in reality though? How do we end up meeting these people?" (Well, the family part makes sense haha but what about everyone else?)


Because I had never thought about it that way.


I just took it for granted.


And so at around 2am I managed to put it down on paper.


And this is what came out of this mini, middle of the night, brainstorming session.


Again, previously it’s been very much subconscious to me but now it all actually makes a lot more sense.


If you are looking to find even more of your type of people.


People who you really vibe with and also awesome, ideal and fun clients to serve in your business then you need to read this next part:


Step 1) realize you can not and therefore should not try to please or serve everyone.


Step 2) reread step 1 to make sure you really embrace that notion (reiterate step 2 until step 1 is fully clear in your mind and embraced).


Step 3) define your own personal values and beliefs. Start with the basics (questions below) and refine your answer as you discover it along your journey.


Questions to ask yourself:

* What is important to me?

* What do I hold to be true?

* What do I strongly believe in?

* What really matters to me in this life?


Step 4) Express your values and beliefs to the world.


"Your people" - I.e. Those people in your life who are like you and who tend to like you will generally share similar values and beliefs.


Why is this important?


Because if you highlight (make known) your values and beliefs you will attract more of these types of people into your life.


We like people who are like us.


These legendary people that enter your life will become your friends, your support network, your tribe, and if you are in business --> essentially your ideal clients.






If you're wondering about the picture.. earlier this week I got into my dream car, the Audi R8, at the Audi dealership right outside Green Park Station in London. Nothing better than experiencing something to create a powerful visualization 👌.