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Nicolas Charlet

Do you feel it’s time to change your life?

There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.”
— Nelson Mandela

I always knew I wanted more. I wanted more from life. I wanted to do it the right way (if there is even such a thing). I wanted to do something special. Make a name for myself. Stand out from the crowd. Make some noise. See results. GROW. 

For me it all started where I was born.. in Tokyo, Japan. My father worked in management and from a young age travel became the norm. 3 years in Germany, then 6 years in South Africa, 3 in Austria and then again 6 years in Germany. I can't remember a time when I wasn't jumping on a plane several times a year. I then flew across the pond to study engineering in Boston for 4 years (studying abroad in Israel for 6 months) and then after graduation spent a little time in Zambia to volunteer before then moving to London. Quite an adventure looking back.. 

My passion is people. But not in the cliche sense of the phrase. I literally breathe this stuff on a daily basis. My family, friends and clients will tell you that. Even people I meet for a coffee or jump on a short call with (I love expanding my network!) will tell you that there's something different about my energy..

It all started for me when I started working on myself a few years back. I hired a coach and he made me realize that anything was possible if you were willing to learn the rules of the game and then take massive aligned action towards your goals. It doesn't help to just take some random action. It needs to be FOCUSED on your target.  As Tony Robbins, American author entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach, says: "Where focus goes energy flows."

I started seeing the results appear in my own life. In my business, in my confidence levels and in my dating life. And it got me excited to share this stuff with others. Which is what I do today as a coach. I find that life is worth living at the edge of your comfort zone. It's also scary as hell but the fun part is overcoming the fear and becoming that person who overcame the challenge. 


But enough about me.. 

The real question is what is it that you and I will actually work on together to get you closer to your goals?

I coach and mentor ambitious entrepreneurial leaders to unlock their potential and help them reach their peak performance levels. Plain and simply that’s what I do.

My coaching is highly valuable:

- If you have an online business or if you have a leading role at a bigger company and are managing the pressures and responsibilities involved in being a leader.

- If you're going through a mini-burnout and looking to pick yourself back up and change your patterns moving forward.

- If you're feeling anxious in your role as a leader and require an outlet to build a mindset that supports you daily.

- If you're not feeling grounded and present in your day-to-day life even though you are technically high-rolling at work.

- If you are going through the ups and downs and are looking for a sounding board to bounce ideas and challenges off of.

- If you're looking to embody and live the life of the leader you know you are deep inside.. to unleash the potential.

- If you feel under pressure to deliver on a daily basis given the intense responsibilities you are under.

- If you want that next level breakthrough that you've seen others achieve but that just isn’t materialising for you just yet.

- If you want to bring in more business, more deals, more ideal clients.

- If you're trying to build more confidence in yourself.

- If you're looking to find ways to navigate some of those low points that we all go through in life. Someone to listen and to ask the powerful questions that will lead you to the answers you seek.

- If you're trying to build the habits that will transform your entire game (life and business).

- If you want to set clear goals that you can track over time and be held accountable to.


I actively use Facebook to make an impact and share my knowledge. You can check it out here.


According to peak performance coach and leading entrepreneur, Tony Robbins, success is 80% psychology and 20% skills.


When is the last time you trained your mind and put it to the test?


If you're not seeing success, chances are your mindset is letting you down.


Stop playing small. 


Before you know it your time will be up. 


And you will have little or nothing to show for it. 


I don't say that to put you down or stress you out.


I'm here to inspire a revolution in you. 


To get you to play bigger. 


You are a leader. 


The people in your life know it.


And you just need to be reminded of it.


It's time to get out there and show people what you're worth.


I'll show you how to reach your next level.


Are you prepared to take control of your life?


Are you ready to achieve massive confidence, social mastery and influence and power?


* Looking to elevate your confidence and leadership?
* Time to move past the fear?
* Feeling ready to unlock your full potential?


what i can do for you.

Everyone wants success.. to grow and become more than they are.

But often times we hold ourselves back by our insecurities.. our fears.

What if this doesn't work out, what then? How do I even tackle this goal?

Which leads to a feeling of stress.. anxiety.. OVERWHELM.

Does that sound familiar?

So you end up wasting tons of time, and energy.. getting nowhere.

Which is where I enter the picture.

so what is it that i do? My mission is:

1) to elevate your day-to-day MINDSET (think Tony Robbins).

2) to get you to THINK BIGGER (think Elon Musk). 

3) to make sure you have unstoppable CONFIDENCE (think Connor McGregor).

4) to boost your SELF-ESTEEM (think Gary Vaynerchuk).

and 5) to unleash your PERSONAL AND BUSINESS GROWTH (think Richard Branson)

**To basically make sure you turn up like the most badass James Bond-type version of yourself on a daily basis. That is my mission.