🔥👊 YOU ARE THE LEADER, MASTER, COMMANDER AND ENTREPRENEUR OF YOUR LIFE. Take control. Stop expecting things to just happen for you. Make them happen! Be accountable. Take responsibility. Take ownership of every aspect of your life that matters to you. You have a tremendous amount of freedom as to what you want to do with your life - remind yourself of this point often! Do not shy away from the leader in you! (Read or listen on audio to “How To Be Fucking Awesome” by Dan Meredith)

🔥👊 BE IN INTEGRITY. Live a life where your actions match and mirror your words. Be impeccable with your word. Be righteous in your actions. Where you have come short, change your ways and set new standards and live by them. Always stay true to your word. People will trust and support you in equal proportion to the faith they place in how you conduct yourself. If you make a mistake, acknowledge your shortcomings (be true to yourself), clean up your act and always seek to be better.

🔥👊 THROUGH DISCIPLINE COMES FREEDOM. We make our habits and then our habits make us. How you lead your life, and the consistency and determination you display daily in your actions will directly result in a reality that conforms to the action taken. The success and results of a powerful man can generally be directly mapped to his consistent habitual actions. (The Power Of Habit - Charles Duhigg)

🔥👊 IT'S ALL ABOUT MASTERY. Become obsessed! Stop dabbiling. If you are passionate about something or have discovered a new interest pursue it with dogged determination. It's not about perfection but it is about EXCELLENCE. It's about performing at your very highest level and striving to transcend yourself and your capabilities. Do your best.. ALWAYS. Raise your standards. (Watch the movie "Burnt")

🔥👊 YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST. DO YOUR BEST TODAY. We’ve all made mistakes or done things where we look back and know we could have done better. What matters today is what you do today. And what will matter tomorrow is what you will do tomorrow. The only direction in life you can no longer effect is your past. Learn the lesson. Forgive yourself and others. Turn the page. And create a compelling future. Always strive to be the best version of yourself. 

🔥👊 SEEK ALWAYS TO LIVE YOUR HIGHEST TRUEST TRANSPARENT SELF. You have greatness in you. Do not cap yourself. Do not limit yourself. Allow yourself to expand to your fullest capacity. Allow yourself to always reach new heights. Allow yourself to grow and have a growth mindset. Accept the infinite nature of life and be a student of the world. (Watch Oprah interview and read “Awaken The Giant Within” by Tony Robbins)

🔥👊 SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Have faith that you will be heard. Even when it is difficult, when it is met with resistance and even when it is unpopular. Allow yourself to believe in your ideas and your vision and to see them through to fruition. Trust yourself beyond the pushback from society. (Research and read about Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King

🔥👊 LEAD WITH LOVE. Open your heart and be a leader who rises above the smallness of certain people who try to test your patience and resolve. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Make the world a better place because you were here. 

🔥👊 BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Even when others do not see it in you yet. You need to become your greatest supporter. Cheer yourself on every single day. Be confident in your unique abilities. Be proud. You are special and this world needs what you have to offer. Find a group of people who see you for all you are and reinforce your commitment to achieve success. (Watch Connor McGregor interviews about visualizing and belief)

🔥👊 BREAK THE RULES. You can’t be a true maverick, rebel and leader without breaking some rules. Challenge the status quo. Decide to change how the game is played. Impossible is nothing. You could be the 1st to change the way things are done. Don’t be afraid to challenge how the world is. Those leaders who made a dent in the world were always willing to stand out from the conformity and turn common beliefs around. (Read “Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger and watch “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 rules speech” on YouTube)

🔥👊 BE UNIQUE. You beat out billions of other sperm cells to win your spot in this lifetime. Remind yourself of it often. You are a gift to the world. You have an obligation to turn up and make the magic happen. To stand out is to live powerfully. A leader by definition is one who does not conform but instead leads by example and sets new standards. (Listen to “Express Yourself” - N.W.A.

🔥👊 WHO DARES WINS. The SAS Moto (The #1 military special forces in the world). Take risks and be bold in the face of adversity. He who summons the courage to face his demons will be rewarded with a life of freedom and happiness. Do not shy away from the pain or fear. Rise up and face your monsters. You will be stronger for it. Live to see another day. (Check out the SAS or the Navy Seals - read about them and how badass they are. Also watch “Rush” movie)

🔥👊 PLAY BIG AND PLAY TO WIN. You have one life. It’s your responsibility, your obligation, to take control. 10X your lifestyle by 10Xing your vision for yourself and your life. Take action on that vision. Create mini revolutions in your life on a frequent basis to jumpstart the growth. (Read the 10X rule by Grant Cardone)

🔥👊 SHINE YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT. Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We were born to make manifest the glory of god that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. (Watch “Coach Carter” movie)