➡️ Never let others determine your worth 👊

Last week I was talking with a friend of mine (an ex-colleague from my consulting days).

We were discussing the "good old days".. those times when I was a full time technology consultant.

During my time in consulting I worked across different roles: setting up collaborative tools for clients for some time, I also worked in a project management role, I did IT support.. and finally I worked in sales.

I love to learn and master new areas of interest and moving across the company allowed me to gain a better perspective across the board.

And as we were reminiscing about my roles at the company we came across the subject of sales.

I had decided to work for 8 months in sales towards the end of my time at the consultancy.

I wanted to build up my sales acumen.

I believed and still do that we all need to be good at sales.

Whether you decide to start your own business or in general if you want to effect change.

You need to be able to share your vision with your team or audience.

You need to be able to share your insights and have people buy into them.

Call it sales or put a pretty wrapper around it but the facts are that it's a great skill to have.

No matter what role you play in society this is a key tool to have.

Your ability to share your message and your ideas is so vital.

It's also so important because the world needs to hear what you have to say.

And so as we were talking my friend mentioned the name of the head the sales department.

This had been my boss at the time.

Turns out my friend had caught up with him recently.

In passing this head of sales had said to my friend "Looks like Nick wasn't really cut out for sales.. not really his thing".

And this struck me and made me laugh because it comes up so often.

Snap judgements where people put you in a box.

You either pass or your fail.

You're either good or you're not.

You're either acceptable or you are not.

And this is why it's so crucial that YOU DETERMINE YOUR OWN WORTH!!!

When you assert that conviction there is no stopping you.

Once you decide.

Once you commit to change.

And do the work.

And do not let others determine the worth or possibiltiy of your potential.

Because since I've left my sales role I've learned to market myself and my business. I have learned to sell powerfully.

My online coaching business has been growing.

And because today I fully believe in what it is I am putting forward.

I truly believe that my coaching can transform lives.

Not only do I believe it, I know it. I have seen it with my clients.

And so what I am asking you is this:

Where have people previously defined who you were?

Where have people placed labels on you?

When have people judged you and decided for you who you are and what you're capable of?

What beliefs have been instilled in you from others that are just plainly untrue? (Family and friends included.)

How powerful could you be without those limitations?

What could be possible for you without those set standards?

Time to start changing the game.